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Kundli Dosha


This year is going to be economically normal in the field of work for the Virgo zodiac. While the beginning of the year will be good for you, in the middle you will need to be careful. You can get good success in career this year. New schemes may come in your mind. If you do business then this is going to be a good time for you. But the natives doing business with an associate are more likely to suffer loss.Talking about your financial life, the beginning of the year and the end of the year are the best for you. Apart from this, you may have many problems related to money in the middle. Unmarried people will get very good support and good support from their partners in the relationship. Marriage totals can also be made. With the sign of Saturn in your fifth place, your respect will increase, you will get the benefit of higher education, if you want to study law then you will get success, you can also move towards research work.


As far as your love life is concerned, during this time you are going to be in some confusion. This year you will see differences between you and your partner. If you do not handle your quarrels, misunderstandings and battles, then the situation will go from bad to worse. The main reason for any problem in your relationship is the misunderstanding between you and anger of both of you, that's why you are advised Keep calm in the meantime and have a good conversation with your partner to get your relationship back. Beware of any of your close friends. Otherwise it can cause problems between you with the aim of spoiling the relationship between you and your partner. In such a situation, handle any situation wisely and be patient. After transit in Jupiter's fifth house from the month of September you will start seeing positive results in your life.


This year will bring good health for you. You will get auspicious results in relation to your health at the beginning of the year due to the association of the Sun with Mercury in the fourth house. Apart from this, the presence of Ketu in the third house will give you proper energy and will also give you courage to maintain your health best.Due to the position of Jupiter in the sixth house between April to September, you may have any problem related to urinary tract. It is advisable not to ignore any skin related problems. As a result of transit of Jupiter in the sixth house, you may have stomach ache, indigestion and acidity problems. In such a situation, you are advised to avoid eating junk food as much as possible during this time.


This year, the zodiac signs will get mixed results in terms of career. The position of Saturn and Jupiter in the fifth house may bring some turmoil or troubles to your business and business, but over time things will gradually improve and everything will be back on track. This year will prove favorable for those natives who are concerned with the business of import-export. Apart from this, the combination of Sun and Mercury in the fourth house will lead to advancement in the profession.Those who want to go abroad, there is a strong possibility of getting auspicious results in this month from January to July. In mid-May, the effects of Mars transit can make things happen according to you. Will prove extremely lucky for the natives. During this time you may also get a promotion or a job transfer. You can feel a new effect of energy inside yourself which will be helpful in increasing your skills and increasing your interest in learning new things.