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Kundli Dosha


New Year 2021 will be good for the Scorpio zodiac in many ways, although you will get mixed results related to health. You will recover from a chronic disease. You have to work hard on many fronts related to life. New year will be very favorable for love affairs and some of you will get a chance to hear the clarions of marriage and you can be successful in making love marriage.Though married people may have a fluctuating situation in their married life.This year, being in the power of the guru will be an auspicious factor for the Libra zodiac, due to which you will progress in your actions and your might. Luck will support you and using your mind to its fullest will also earn you respect. This year, students will get favorable results in education, but for that you will need to work harder than before.


This year, the Scorpio zodiac signs will get average results. As a result of the aspect of Saturn on the fifth house, you may have to face opposition from the elders of the family. However, this year will be favorable for starting a new love affair. There may be some ideological differences between the partners, but if you talk to each other, understand each other's talk and share your mind with each other. So you can overcome this problem. February can prove to be very good for love affairs due to the transit of Mars. However, in March, you will have more confidence in being convinced not only by things but also in terms of work. Jupiter will transit in Aquarius on April 6. This time can prove to be very favorable for marriage.


The Scorpio zodiac signs will get mixed results this year. Mars, the lord of your health, is located in the sixth house of Aries in the beginning of this year. The natives of this zodiac have any disease related to kidney or urin, they are advised to take special care. Health issues can cause problems for you during the first few months of the year, such as January, February and March. Take proper care and medication etc. as advised by the doctor from time to time. You are also advised to make daily routine, improve your food and avoid any kind of negligence. Apart from this, if the people of this zodiac are suffering from a chronic disease for a long time, then during this time they will get to see an improvement in their condition.


The Sun is located with Mercury in your second house of wealth and is creating Budhaditya Yoga. In such a situation, this year you will achieve success in every field in terms of jobs. You will get a promotion. Also, if you are thinking about changing job then here too you will get favorable result. Apart from this, the people of this amount who are associated with the field of government job, bank or sports related job, then they will get success this year.As a result of the transit of Venus in Sagittarius in January, it will prove to be good for you in terms of career. The presence of Saturn in Capricorn will prove to be helpful in taking risks and making you successful in life. In the field, your opponents or enemies can create problems for you. Do not show trust and confidence to everyone and do not miss out on working to the best of your ability. If the planets and constellations are in your favor, there is a strong possibility of sudden progress in your professional life. You will gain respect at the workplace.