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Kundli Dosha


New year 2021 will be better in terms of Sagittarius career. Good results will be obtained with the help of colleagues. This year is going to be good for the business people too. He will get immense success in business, indicating that his financial position will be strengthened. Your health will be mixed this year, health life will be much better as per previous year. Although Shani Dev will give you some trouble while taking your test, but you will not have any major disease this year. Along with this, the sight of Ketu in your tenth house will give you small problems like fever, boils, pimples, but these will have little effect on your work. This period will also be good for love affairs and you will feel close in relationship with your partner. Married life will also be very sweet and you will enjoy your married life by keeping better coordination with your spouse. This year your child will also get progress. This year you will get very good benefits related to property and your family life will also be pleasing to a great extent.


The coming new year 2021 will bring mixed results for love affairs. At this time you will get many auspicious opportunities to establish your good love relationship. However, at this time you will be highly emotional and sensitive. You can go on vacation with your partner in February. During this time it will help to clear every misunderstanding coming in the relationship. The presence of the red planet Mars in your fifth house can give rise to a situation of controversy in the lives of many lovers. Since the month of March will bring relations in a sour relationship, you are advised to control your anger and choose your words carefully while talking. However, April, July and September will prove to be very beneficial for Sagittarius love affair.


This year will be very favorable in terms of the health of Sagittarius natives. You will not have any major problem of any kind due to the combination of Mercury and Sun God in the first house of your zodiac sign. Due to which you will be able to work comfortably on the field without any mental stress. If you are suffering from any stomach and heart problems, then this year you will need to seek immediate treatment. The presence of Ketu, the shadow planet in your Dwad Bhavas, may also give you some minor problems like fever, boils, pimples and cough this year. During this time, you can also plan to visit some kind of beautiful place, making changes in open and clean air and water. Also you are advised to adopt a new balanced diet during this period.


In the beginning of the year, along with the business owner Mercury Surya Dev is creating extremely auspicious yoga in your zodiac, due to which the people of Sagittarius will get favorable results in their career this year. This time will also be auspicious for business people. Especially those people who are doing their business online, they are likely to get many auspicious opportunities. The beginning of the year can cause some ups and downs in your business and career, Therefore, you are likely to face some problems in the field of progress and profit. All these problems will remain till April, after that you will start getting benefits again. Job professionals will also get a lot of promotion and promotion during this period. If you do land or land related business, you are advised to take precautions right from the beginning. In such a situation, it will be good for you to invest your money only after correct thought and inquiry, Otherwise you may have to suffer a big loss or even loss.