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Kundli Dosha


This year financial life cannot be said to be very good for Gemini people, because Jupiter and Saturn of Gemini sign will make a combination in the eighth house. Shani will remain seated throughout the year in the same sense, which will make you prone to loss of money. There will be a delay in each work and there will be a situation of dawn, there is also a possibility of economic loss due to the transit of Jupiter and Saturn. This is the time for you to be a little careful. Do not fall into the wrong company and sit at your disadvantage.Increasing unnecessary expenses can also weaken your financial condition. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses, unnecessary debts as much as possible at this time. This year Rahu's transit in Taurus will cause an unexpected increase in your expenses, due to which you may have to face some financial problems.


People of Gemini sign will get good fruits this year. Marriage totals are being made for unmarried lovers who are interested in marriage. This time can be said to be very good and full of achievements for your romantic life. You are advised to keep playing with your partner at every turn and maintain transparency in your relationship. This year the combination of Saturn and Jupiter can affect your partner's health, so be sure to take care of the health of your life partner or lover.And you should make your relationship so strong that even in adverse circumstances, there should be no problem in it. If your spouse is employed, they may get a special promotion in this year.


From the beginning of the year, the combination of Saturn and Jupiter in the eighth house of Gemini sign and the presence of Ketu, the shadow planet in your sixth house, can cause problems related to your health. You may have to struggle with skin and stomach problems. At this time, you can remain afflicted with abdominal diseases. Your mood can also be bad. Few changes may have to be made in food habits. Mentally, this time can be worrying for you.The transit of Saturn in your eighth house can lead to the possibility of taking birth of some major disease. Do not be negligent, do seek medical advice as soon as symptoms appear. The time after July can be very favorable for your health and during this time you will get relief in chronic diseases. Take care of your health even in the changing season and if you are suffering from seasonal diseases, then you will get well soon.


This year, you need to take a lot of thoughtful steps in the matter of career. In order to advance in career, you will have to make some new changes in your style of work. This year, due to the presence of Ketu in the sixth house, difficulties can be created in your way by the opponents, but they can not cause you any great harm in any way. This year can take you to new heights in the field of career.Those who are trying to get a government job this year can get success in their endeavor. For those who want to set up their own business, this year is expected to be very good. There is a possibility of you fulfilling a big desire in the field of business. This year, there will also be chances of getting any new offers in the business. There are going to be very good opportunities for careers, if there is a need, then we should identify these opportunities in time.