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Kundli Dosha


For the people of Aries, the new year 2021 will be a total success and progress. Due to changes in planetary transit in the year, many times you will get the opportunity of profit. From the beginning of the year till 5 April 2021 and further from 14 September to 20 November 2021, the transit in Guru Dasam place situated in low zodiac, change in job, expenses in religious work, decrease in marital happiness, mental stress and family life. Disputed situation will occur.


This year will bring mixed results for the love life of the people of Aries. If you are already in a love affair, then this year your expectations will be slightly higher than your loved one, due to which sometimes there can be a quarrel between the two of you. But the time of April to September will prove to be very special for your love life. During this time both of you will be seen indulging in each other's love and both of you can even decide to get married.But in spite of all this, the love of both of you will remain unbreakable and your relationship will continue well throughout the year. If you are not already in a relationship, then your wish can also be fulfilled in this month and someone may come in your life.


Your health is going to be mixed this year, if you are suffering from a long illness, then this year you can get rid of it. But it will be necessary for you to get some rest along with work otherwise you will get very tired and this will affect your physical ability. As such, you will be full of agility the whole time, but still after July you will have to pay attention to your food. Stay away from senior food.There is a need to take special care of his father's health in the middle of the year. During this time you will try to do every task with full power and enjoy a good health.


Signs of career advancement. The reason for this is that Lord of your zodiac sign is Shani Dev, who is called the donor of his own, justice-loving, magistrate. You are seated in action, so you will get auspicious results. In this case, this effect of Shani Dev will prove to be the best for you.The position of the planets at this time will give you better results according to the former. This year will also be good for those who are willing to do their own business. You can prove yourself at this time. You can take advantage of this better time and opportunities by using your abilities, your skills to the fullest. This year, Guru is seated with Saturn in action. You are making this disgraceful Raja Yoga in your karmabhav too. You can get some big responsibility at this time. You can also get the fruits of hard work done in the past.