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Kundli Dosha


This year financial life cannot be said to be very good for Gemini people, because Jupiter and Saturn of Gemini sign will make a combination in the eighth house. Shani will remain seated throughout the year in the same sense, which will make you prone to loss of money. There will be a delay in each work and there will be a situation of dawn, there is also a possibility of economic loss due to the transit of Jupiter and Saturn. This is the time for you to be a little careful. Do not fall into the wrong company and sit at your disadvantage.Increasing unnecessary expenses can also weaken your financial condition. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses, unnecessary debts as much as possible at this time. This year Rahu's transit in Taurus will cause an unexpected increase in your expenses, due to which you may have to face some financial problems. Let us know from Jyotishacharya Anish Vyas how the coming year for Gemini people will be in terms of career, financial status, family, love-romance, education and health.


Venus and Ketu of Mars, the lord of the house of love and relationship in your zodiac, are giving sight in the fifth house, which can cause you to interrupt your love life. As a result, the relationship between lovers will be a bit tense. Also, some misunderstandings can also arise between you two. However, on the other hand, this time is going to be good for those who are looking for a partner for themselves. There may be some problems in the lives of the lovers from the middle of March,But after this, the time from mid-March to April will be favorable to your love life. During this period you will come closer to your partner and feel more capable to share everything with them. During this time, the natives in love may feel a bit tense, so you are advised to resolve any disputes and misconceptions that you may have with your partner from time to time.


You will get mixed results this year. Since Saturn will be the lord of the seventh and eighth house this year in the seventh house from your zodiac sign and will be looking at your ninth and fourth house. This planetary position can cause health problems in your life, so you are advised to take special precautions. On the other hand, the lord of health planet Moon is located in Cancer zodiac, which will prove to be very good for those people of Cancer zodiac who are struggling with any disease.Because the problems of such natives suffering from any disease for a long time will end. This time will prove favorable for you in terms of health. There will be a feeling of positivity in your thoughts. There will be a combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on your Ascendant house, as a result of which you will include a proper and healthy diet in your life and you can learn meditation and yoga under the guidance of an expert. Try to eat healthy and vegetarian food to avoid health related problems.


This year Mars, the lord of karma, will be located in your tenth house. As a result, there is a strong chance of you getting promoted this year, which is expected to make a lot of progress in your workplace. Apart from this, people who are looking for jobs during this time will also get success, but this year the biggest beneficiaries will be those who are in government jobs. Throughout this year, Saturn will remain in the seventh house from your zodiac sign, which is going to prove beneficial for your career.The auspicious months of this year for the Cancerians are January, February, March and April. This year, the people doing business related to the fields of chemical, education and technology will get success in their work. However during the month of April to September you need to be very vigilant, as your fortune may decline during this period.