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Kundli Dosha


The natives of Capricorn will receive good fruits in the new year. The combination of Saturn and Guru in your zodiac sign will provide you with luck, due to which you will continue to move forward in your career without stopping. This year is going to be auspicious for traders too. There will be trouble in the initial few months in financial life, but the movement of money in the middle part of the year will remove your financial crisis. Rahu will give you many opportunities to make money in the middle of the year. Value, respect and prestige will increase in the family and your family will grow socially due to the marriage of someone in the family. There can be a situation of ups and downs in married life. You can expect a healthy life this year. Long-standing troubles will be eradicated and if there is any chronic disease going on, then it is time to get rid of it too.


Rahu's presence in your fifth house will work to give you immense success in love affairs. Due to this auspicious position of Rahu in your zodiac sign, your relationship with your partner will be better, due to which both of you will also get an opportunity to spend a good time with each other. If you are still single, then the transit of Venus in Sagittarius this year may give you an opportunity to meet a person of opposite sex at the workplace. During this time, both of you will be able to improve your relationship by working together on a project. The year 2021 will prove to be good for love and romance because at this time you will be able to remove your importance and resolve all the previous disputes, quarrels and misconceptions.


In terms of health, this period will be particularly favorable for Capricorn people. This year, you will find yourself healthier than usual because your zodiac sign of Jupiter and Saturn will influence your zodiac sign, which will give you positive energy. This year, the influence of many beneficial planets on your first house will also help in generating positive thoughts in your mind. Which will make you look better mentally and this will give you success in organizing your every task and completing it with creativity. If you are not suffering from any previous disease, then this year will also be good for your health. However, to maintain your good health, you can improve it by adopting your good daily routine by making additional changes in your food and drink. With this, if you were suffering from any weather-related disease, then you will be more likely to get relief from it this year.


This year is going to be auspicious for the natives of Capricorn, because your zodiac lord Saturn will be sitting in your own house in conjunction with Jupiter this whole year. Because of this, your time at work will soon pass. On the other hand, the job seekers will also get many auspicious opportunities to move forward during this period, but for this they will need to work hard and put effort. If the transit of planets and constellations happens in your favor this year, So many job occupants can be expected to get promotions. Especially for those people who are involved in the fields of art, music, fashion and textile industry, this time is looking very good to enhance their potential and further strengthen their position. You will get a lot of luck in May because the transit of Venus Dev will be in Taurus during this time. Along with this, the lord of business, Moon will also pair with Saturn during this time, hence the effect of Saturn on the moon is going to give the merchants the most benefit this year.