Indian Astrologer A.Tripathi(Om) (Varanasi)

A.Tripathi (Om), the famous Indian professional astrologer having over 30 years of experience in Indian Astrology, Numerology, Counselling and Motivational speaker..

Life is a memorable adventure where we extend to aim at following our ambition goals related to family, health, finance, career and love among others. And our life is full of unexpected turns and we want to avoid, escape such problems and in the process we get confused as what to do at the same time we lose track in our life. Every life in the universe is bound by nature and universal law. We are all part of the universe and we reflect the life of its component. Hence our life is predominantly governed by planets and its movements.

Vedic Astrology is science and ancient knowledge repository to guide each of us to gain most of our life on earth. Astrology can give that clarity in our life by showing us the full picture of what is in store and what we must do to be successful in all situations.

Thus astrology to be mastered to make most out of it. A.Tripathi(Om) is one such world famous astrologer. He is having strong traditional values and knowledge on Vedic Astrology. He is very famous and renowned astrologer in U.S.A, Canada, UK, Australia, and in India.

A.Tripathi(Om) shows admirable skills in Horoscope reading, Astrological predictions, Counselling & Motivational speaker. People from all over the world who come to India just to get consultation from Pandit ji return with full satisfaction after getting guidance from him.

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